Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Review

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Evolution, Reviews

Take total control on the pitch on offense, PES 2011 is a great game! Much better than PES2010! It is more realistic and you can customize the players’ speed! From -2 up to +2 giving you 5 different speeds! The controls are really well done and the players never take as long to act (shooting match, etc..) like in PES 2010.

Compared to FIFA 11 it is my opinion much more realistic and much better to play. The improvements between PES 2010 and PEN 2011 are great! In my opinions the best PES so far!

TOP graphics!
Game Controls TOP!
TOP motivation in the game!

PES Soccer 2011 is awesome with friends in multiplayer or online mode! Strong buy recommendation, Fifa got eliminated! ;)

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