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Soccer Pro Rooney Smoking CigaretteSoccer players do the same things as everyday people like us. They smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol. But top soccer should adhere to certain rules and take care of their body.

On 25 June, the British tabloid “The Sun” published a photo of Rooney that showed him during his honeymoon in a swimming pool. The football star was smoking hanging out in the pool smoking a cigarette. The headline “Marl-Roo-Man” was born.

Full of anticipation the article pointed out that Alex Ferguson of Manchester would surely not tolerate Rooney’s smoking habits because he was considered to be an extremely intolerant non smoker.

What happened when Rooney got back? We don’t know but maybe Rooney was just smoking an electronic cigarette. After reading electronic cigarette testimonials Ferguson may have understood that ecigs do not contain tobacco or tar. But still those devices do contain nicotine which a pro soccer player should not consume (more about cigarettes).

Maradona, one of the most popular soccer players ever, started smoking cigarettes after he retired from the game.