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Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Evolution, Reviews, Soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 brings soccer to the next level with freedom of play. PES comes with most advanced game play improvements and awesome new content. It gives a lifelike soccer experience.

Evasive dribbling in Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

Evasive dribbling techniques.

Defender going for the tackle in Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

Choice of defensive tactics.

Managerial functionality screen from Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

Master the mental game.

Key Game Features:

  • Total Control – PES 2011 Soccer has enhanced the 360-degree passing ratio. Great control over every pass, shot, throw-in, through ball and lofted through balls. Players even can apply pressure on opponents to force them off the ball.
  • Shot and Stamina Gauge – Constantly sprinting will have an adverse affect on performance and statistics. The Shot and Stamina meter shows the player’s exact level of fitness.
  • New Defender Intelligence – Defenders now hold their positions naturally instead of chasing balls that enter their area.
  • Animation and Player Physics – PES 2011 Soccer has fluid, natural movements with more realistic acceleration and inertia than ever before. Jostling and blocking now looks stunning. Ambient animation also adds immensely to the in-game atmosphere.
  • Speed of Play – The new level of control means that Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 has a more varied pace of play. Successful play will depend on making quick passes to create space.
  • Tactical and Strategy – Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 greatly improved every aspect of team management.
  • Master League Online – PES Soccer 2011 marks the online debut for its much-loved Master League element, with players bidding against each other for the world’s best players, and attempting to build a squad that can compete with the best against online peers all over the globe.

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Take total control on the pitch on offense, PES 2011 is a great game! Much better than PES2010! It is more realistic and you can customize the players’ speed! From -2 up to +2 giving you 5 different speeds! The controls are really well done and the players never take as long to act (shooting match, etc..) like in PES 2010.

Compared to FIFA 11 it is my opinion much more realistic and much better to play. The improvements between PES 2010 and PEN 2011 are great! In my opinions the best PES so far!

TOP graphics!
Game Controls TOP!
TOP motivation in the game!

PES Soccer 2011 is awesome with friends in multiplayer or online mode! Strong buy recommendation, Fifa got eliminated! ;)

Awesome new product features you will enjoy:

  • With the new level of control PES 2011 enjoys more varied pace of plays depending on the situation
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 features enhanced 360-degree passing ratio offering unprecedented levels of control over passing, shooting, throwing-in, and more.
  • The new Shot & Stamina meter details the player’s exact level of fitness making moderation to energy use important
  • Defenders now naturally hold their positions instead of chasing balls to close down the attacker and to force mistakes
  • Totally reworked in-game animation adding literally 1,000s of new motions


The era of organized football (aka soccer) began in 1863 with the founding of the English Football Association in London. At this time the British Empire was the most influential nation in the world. This historic feature was the basis for the global spread of English football rules in a generation. The first games were held outside the British Isles in the seaports for British sailors.

During the late 19th Century many national associations were born in Europe and America. The first game between representatives of national associations took place on 30 November 1872 in Glasgow between Scotland and England and the game ended goalless.

The 21 May 1904 was another milestone in the history of soccer. On this day in the French federation FIFA was founded to prevent national focused thinking.

In July 1905 FIFA held its second Congress the suggestion of a world championship was made. For this purely European the host country should be Switzerland. Delegates were enthusiastic, but many words were not followed by actions.

Until the first FIFA World Cup in Uruguay in 1930 the Olympics were used as a substitute Cup.